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30$ / h

... is a unique combination of massage and healing techniques ...

A session includes a unique combination of different massage styles to address the needs of the receiver from overall relaxation to specific medical treatments. Techniques such as effleurage and pettrisage from Classic massage are used to relax and increase blood circulation, with digipressure and palming techniques from Shiatsu and stretches from Thai massage to balance and harmonize qi energy flows.

Massage takes place on blankets and cushions on the ground to allow maximum movement. It is best to wear loose clothing and remove any jewellery. Massage oil may be used on the feet, hands, back and neck areas, where there is skin contact. All products are hand made from a combination of medicinal herbs specifically for relaxation and healing. Techniques from the different styles of massage are applied for medical treatments and overall relaxation.

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Thai Massage

traditional therapy combining acupressure with applied yoga poses ...

30$ / h


... activates pressure points to harmonise and balance energy flows ...

30$ / h

Medical Massage

... combines techniques to treat a specific pain or health problem ...

30$ / h

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