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Classic Massage

30$ / h

... Muscular relaxation with skin contact using creams or oils ...

The Classic Massage Classic Massage (also known as Swedish massage) is the method most practised in the west. Creams or oils are used with direct skin contact. Techniques such as effleurage, vibration and friction are used which improve blood circulation. It was created by Doctor Pehr Henrick Ling, who combined knowledge as a gym instructor with massage techniques learnt in China. Many modern western massage styles originate from Swedish massage.

It is a massage with many benefits including relaxation of the body and mind, easing muscle pain, improving circulation and lymphatic drainage, eliminating toxins and much more.

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Fusion Massage

... is a unique combination of massage and healing techniques ...

30$ / h


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Medical Massage

... combines techniques to treat a specific pain or health problem ... 

30$ / h

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